Fee Information

The Columbus Christian Counseling Center exists as a cooperative endeavor. The Center works together with Calvary Baptist Church which voluntarily provides supportive services and office space. Our mutual goal is to assist individuals and families so that they can experience life fully.

Our standard fee is $90.00 for a 50 minute counseling session. However, because of our relationship with Calvary Baptist Church and our non-profit status, we are able to offer reduced rates if a financial hardship is determined by the counselor. Our policy is that no client will be denied services due to an inability to pay.

Delinquent Accounts: We ask for fees to be paid on an as-you-go basis or, when that is not possible, that specific arrangements be made with the counselor.

When appointments are missed without a 24 hour advance cancellation, persons will be charged the full session fee. Emergencies and/or situations beyond the client’s control will be considered case by case.

Insurance or Third Party Payments: Ask your counselor about the use of these potential benefits.


Hardship cases are negotiated with individual therapists.
Group counseling fees are one half (1/2) of the individual fee with a $25.00 minimum.